Leeds Salsa News Update – week 48!

I’m considering making the Leeds Salsa┬áNews Update a regular thing… comment and tell me what you think!

The End of an Era… and the Start of Something New?

For the last 3?? years DJ Lubi and La Combinacion Perfecta have been running regular Saturday night salsa parties at Azucar, in Leeds.

Alas, this has come to an end, with the final event there being Viva Colombia this last Saturday the 23rd November.

In a statement on Facebook Lubi said “…we’ve decided we need a change…been at Azucar every Saturday since autumn 2008…it kind of prohibits us from doing any other salsa or Latin party or live band gig in Leeds on a Saturday night and there’s just so many things we have been offered…also a weekly Latino party like we did at Azucar, not sure there’s the markt there anymore….so watch out for a brace of special Saturday night events mainly featuring live music but also some DJ only spcialist parties…kicks off from end of January and includes a new live music venue….”

I heard on the grapevine that Azucar is also under new management, and maybe that also had something to do with the decision.. but that is just speculation on my part at the moment.

For my part I would like to thank Lubi and Fabio and the team for putting on so many awesome events… To be fair the venue wasn’t perfect; The dance floor left a lot to be desired, and sometimes the cleanup from it being a restaurant to it being a bar/club left more food than you would desire lying around the floor… but the staff were always friendly, and they put up with the salsa scenes constant demand for free tap-water with good grace.

And many times the hardcore salsa dancers would dispair with the promoters choices of music, but then that is pretty much what hardcore salsa dancers do when faced with other types of music (or even faced with salsa that they don’t like)! I’ve certainly had to vent in the past (in the days when after midnight meant kizomba!).

On the whole though I think we should thank the venue, the staff, the DJs and the promoters, (oh, and the friendly bouncers!) for their good work, week in, week out in providing a (mostly free!) salsa night for the masses!

As for the start of something new… as Lubi mentioned in his comment, he has plans for the new year, and a new venue for live music. I believe that one of the first events for the new year is the band Son Yambu, playing at the Belgrave Music Hall, which looks like an exciting new venue for live music! (This also co-incides with my birthday weekend so you can believe I’ll be there in force!)

News in Brief…

Salsa’s Rocks?

Also in the Leeds Salsa News, the new social night on Tuesday had a great first week. Salsa Rocks is run in conjunction with Julien Beuve’s, Tropikal con Salsa night at Baracoa on a Tuesday. It is a completely free social organised by Rahul and (the up and coming) DJ Johnson and is to cater to those that like their salsa hard and uninterrupted! Juliens Classes start at 7:30pm, and the free social starts at 9:45 pm and goes on until they get booted out of the bar!

Livin’ the Latin Vibe

That’s right, Nicolai’s massive bi-monthly Latin Event is back this weekend! The usual massive list of salsa ‘celebrities’ from all over the country will be descending on Leeds for this ‘Winter Warmer’ event. Not to mention enthusiastic dancers coming from as far afield as the Channel Isles (and maybe even further)!

Cuban breaks…

Finally, Leeds’ Cuban master, Ulises’ classes are taking a break over the winter. Don’t fear all of you Cuban salsa lovers, he will be returning on the 7th of January at his usual venue BRB on Call Lane. He also has an Orishas workshop next March for those wanting to get into the roots of Cuban dancing. As he would say…. AI NA MA!


If you have any questions about or info on classes in the Leeds area, then send me an email at salsa4dancersleeds@gmail.com and I’ll try to answer your question… or failing that I’ll put you in touch with someone that can!

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