Julien Beuve

Julien Beuve

Julien Beuve puts his heart, soul and his immense passion for salsa into teaching his classes and organizing his events, whether it is an intimate private class or teaching to the masses. Its hard not to get carried away and completely absorbed into salsa when at one of his classes. Julien loves nothing more that imparting his knowledge into eager salseros and seeing themĀ progress from shy first-timers at the back of the warm-up into salsa addicts who have to be dragged off the dance floor at the end of the night.

When he is not wowing the ladies (and some men) with hisĀ great style (bum wiggling!) he’s… well he’s dancing!

One comment on “Julien Beuve
  1. John Templeman says:

    Julien….aka No Floppy Arms…laughter…again a great friend and teacher, goes through the steps time and time and time again….(literally!!!!….l.o.l.). Julien is thourough and makes the class enjoyable for all…great styling…chuckles and gets us all doing that!!!! Julien is a great salsa teacher and can highly recommend his and Kirstin’s class to anyone from the beginner upwards…….thank you Julien.
    Best wishes

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