Ulises Carrillo Montalvo

UlisesUlises Carrillo Montalvo was born in Havana, Cuba where his culture initiated his life-long dance experience. He initially trained for 4 years with ‘Tony Mendez’ at The Cuban International Dance Company. He then went on to sing and dance at the Cabaret Tropicana’s Show and the Cabaret Parisien which is the National Hotel of Cuba.

Then following an acting career on TV, Radio, Cinema and Theatre, Ulises turned his talent to teaching and has taught and performed alongside top teachers & entertainers from Cuba and indeed all over the world. Further, Ulises was part of the team that performed Cuban Rueda in the Guy Ritchie motion picture – Rock and Rola

Ulises specialises in all the Cuban dance styles and dances that form the roots of Salsa: Rumba, Yambu, Guaguanco, La columbia, Ebakua, Makuta, Gaga, Papalote, Palo, La conga, Salsa con rumba, Orishas, Son, Casino style contratiempo, La rueda, reggaeton, pilon, mozambique, mambo, Cha Cha Cha, buey cansado,

Ulises has great charisma and his lessons are really good fun. He is one of the youngest brightest and most talented up and coming Cuban Salsa stars on the UK Salsa scene, who is now reaching the next level in his dance career. His approach includes learning to use body language to tell the stories of the Cuban culture through the dance.

……..Seriously….come and check this guy out!

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  1. Lynsey Myers says:

    Uli is a amazing passionate teacher and feel we are lucky to have someone born and bread from Havana. It’s a fantastic lesson as Ulises is committed to helping his students progress and at the same time educating people on the history and culture of salsa from Cuba

  2. Love it! The best salsa teacher I had. He feels Cuban Salsa, he is the Salsa ;). If you have dance other salsa before is worth to try with Ule. You will learn steps maybe again, little by little but with solid structure, great style and real Cuban and Casino salsa. I strongly recommend you!

    See you in class hopefully 🙂

  3. Chris Cave says:

    I go to Ulises class I Cheltenham and find really informative and a great teacher

  4. Linda says:

    Interesting read! I’m from London but should I ever get the chance to come up that way – can you tell me where and when he teaches? Thanks 🙂

  5. Simply, the best in the North if you really want to learn dancing and you don’t want to waste your time and money

  6. Lorraine H Mason says:

    It’s fantastic that Uli is teaching in Leeds and I’ve attended his classes which were fab… a real asset.
    I also think we should value all the Salsa teachers Cuban and British that have built the scene in the North over 20 years, they are crucial to the dance scene and have sown the seeds which allow British dancers to progress onto more complex dance forms and take advantage of the talents of teachers like Uli….. Without them I wouldn’t have learned Salsa and discovered Afro-Cuban!

  7. Eileen Steed says:

    Ulises is a truly genuinely nice guy. He is passionate about his culture of Cuban music and dance and his classes are vibrant and fun. Ulises welcomes and ensures that each individual member of his class are progressing.
    His classes are unique and are great value for money!

  8. Casinera says:

    I don’t dance up North (though I am from there) and have been dacing Cuban style solid for 5 years. I have been to congresses where Ulises has taught, and if you want true cubano salsa – he is it. Forget all that mish-mash mixed-up mess of combining styles that i often hear and see in the North, if you want it raw and pure, keep him in Leeds. Cubanos are few and far between in the North!.

  9. Michael Frosch says:

    Ulises classes are excellent, lots of fun & all about Cuban!

  10. Peter Bolton says:

    Ulises Carrillo Montalvo is easily and by far the best teacher of Salsa Cubana in the North of England

    • Peter Bolton says:

      Correction – I should have added not only easily the best in the North, Uli’s one of the best in he UK – he brilliant!

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