How and Why to Vote (for Susanna Reid) in Strictly Come Dancing

Susanna Reid on Strictly

Susanna Reid on Strictly

As I’m sure you all know, Christmas is coming. In fact if you hadn’t realised this then you must have been living in a small hole for the past 4 weeks! All of the obvious signs are out there… The days are so short that if you have a full time job there is every chance that you don’t get to see the sun at all; the weather has taken a decided turn for the colder; and Macauly Culkin is back on our screens (it is only when I come to type that name that I realise what a weird name it is…)!

There are of course good sides to the festive season. Time off work and studies; the chance to photocopy our private parts at the office Christmas party; and of course the Strictly Come Dancing Grand Final!

Now, if you’ve been watching SCD (and why wouldn’t you have been?) I’m sure you will have your favourite dancers. And now that we know who the finalists are we will all be lining up behind our favourites to make sure that they win! And now that you can vote for free online there is absolutely no excuse to not vote to make your favourite dancer the 2013 Strictly Champion! Unfortunately, in these days of catch-up television many of us will be unable to vote based on the actual dances (because we’ll be busy and out doing other things in the very short voting window), so really we should go pre prepared to vote for our favourite!

And here I’m going to make my case that Susanna Reid should be that favourite!

If you haven’t seen the semi-final results show you may want to look away now as I’ll be discussing all of the dancers still left in the competition!

So, my case for Susanna…

Susanna represents everything that is great about SCD. We have the story, the pure joy of dancing, the personality and the moves on the dance floor!

She clearly loves dancing. It shines through in every single dance that she has done (with the possible exception of the cha-cha!)! It is so great to see her dance because that love of dancing comes through in her expression, through her body and through her face! This stands in stark contrast to Sophie Ellis Bexter who has had flashes of brilliance, but who struggles to really come out of herself on the dance-floor.

We can empathise with Susanna, because like us she has to work at dancing. She didn’t come to the show a fully formed dancer, but has had to forge her skills, building week on week into the accomplished dancer that we see on our screens each week! Natalie on the other hand, dances wonderfully, but has done so to the same standard from the start. We long to see any progression from her, but all we get week in week out is the same, prefectly placed standard of dancing.

She is extraordinary because she is ordinary. The proverbial girl next door. She could be your mum, your aunt, or your sister. We feel so familiar with her after seeing her every morning while we’re eating our breakfast. We don’t feel with her, like we might with Abbey, that she might have been excused some mistakes because she hits some unearthly image of beauty. She has gotten through on the strength of her dancing and the strength of her personality!

And lets not forget her partner, Kevin ‘from Grimsby’ Clifton, the real life Billy Elliot, who has shown that Northerners really can dance!

So, if you like me want to make sure that Susanna gets the coveted glitterball trophy there are a few steps that you can take.

Click on this link to the BBC website where you can register to vote.

Now, set yourself an alarm to go off after the Strictly Come Dancing Final this Saturday the 21st. Around 8pm will be perfect.

Visit this link to the Strictly Come Dancing voting page and bookmark it in your browser (you can do this on your phone as well)!

And finally, when the alarm goes off…….. vote!

The power is in your hands!

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  1. bryan rickard says:

    susanna reid is fantastic dancer and gorgeous

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