Salsa 4 Beginners

New to Salsa?

Never danced salsa? Have 2 left feet? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Congratulations on making it to this web site, your one stop shop for all things Salsa in Leeds!

I’m sure you have a few questions that need answering… Well, lucky for you I’ve put together a Beginners Salsa FAQ to answer all of your questions! If I’ve missed some questions then feel free to email me and I’ll try to get back to you quickly!

Of course to get really good at salsa you’ll have to go to some classes, and you’re in luck! There are numerous classes around Leeds to suit every style! Follow the link to find lists of all of the beginners classes happening in Leeds, there is something on most nights, so whenever you are free, there is a class for you! Most classes operate on a drop in basis, so you can just turn up on the night, no booking necessary! And you don’t need to bring a partner!

We have profiles of all of the salsa teachers in Leeds, and a salsa calendar showing everything that is going on! My advice is check out all of their classes, and figure out which ones you like best!

Everyone has different reasons for doing salsa, but don’t just take my word for it… I thought I’d let some of the Leeds Salsa dancers tell you for themselves why they are doing it! Check out the comments below!

2 Comments on “Salsa 4 Beginners

  1. Just starting out? Don’t let your brain fool you into a false first impression of the folk at salsa. Because you’re out of your comfort zone and maybe feeling a bit intimidated, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that we’re all stuck up and cliquey. (I’m basing this on my personal experience here.) We’re not! We just don’t know you yet!

    Hang on in there, keep the faith, it takes at least two months to settle in and start getting to know people. And once you do, you’ve got one of the best damn hobbies, like, EVAAR and you’ll end up having ‘salsa family’ all over the country/planet. Trust me!

  2. I’m new to salsa but I have to say I love it, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! The people I’ve met are amazing and the vibe in the salsa world are awesome!

    My friend Kevin McClean said “in salsa they all seem like one big family,” and I have to agree!

    I think it’s brilliant that the different classes promote each others events. By doing this I’m now attending three different classes, Salsa Dance Leeds, Nicolai V’s Sunday school and now Rahul Sharma’s on2! All of which are very different and leave me wanting more!

    Richard Ruff said “salsa is very addictive,” how very true because I am so addicted!

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