390709_10151345924546292_2014526140_nThis web site was created, and is maintained, by Trevor Howland; an extremely enthusiastic amateur dancer from Leeds!

If you have any questions you can’t find the answers to on my site then email me at salsa4dancersleeds@gmail.com

My salsa journey began in January of 2008. My first salsa class was at a night class at my local college in Guiseley. My teacher was a lovely girl called Nicky Miles. It took me about 3 weeks before I decided that I needed to be doing much more dancing and ventured into Leeds to the classes run by Nicky Lloyd Graham. It wasn’t too long before I discovered Nicolai‘s classes on a Thursday…. and by then my addiction was already full blown!
(I also had the suspicion that all salsa teachers were called some variety of the name Nick!!!)

Shortly after this I started doing many other classes around Leeds. It was at this stage that I finally found some salsa teachers with names tha didn’t start in ‘Nick’… including Julien and Kirstin and Theo!

By this time I was about 10 weeks in and had a full blown salsa habit!

Shortly after this I went on a big world traveling adventure for 30 months! I did do some dancing on my travels, but not nearly as much as I was doing in Leeds…

I arrived back to the welcoming arms of the Leeds Salsa community in the spring of 2011…. and the rest is history!

In my time travelling around the world I found that salsa was a great way to meet people and make new connections in new cities, which I did as often as I could… but in all of my time I can honestly say that I never found a nicer bunch of dancers, or a more friendly community, then that which exists in Leeds!

I have done a bit of salsa teaching here and there, and occasionally I run salsa nights around Leeds.

Details of all classes in Leeds can be found on the Salsa Calendar.
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  1. What can I say about Trevor? Outside Salsa he is a hard working young man that has achieved a lot and is very hard working and loyal not just to his work but his friends too. Trevor is many things, Warm, talented, charming, enthusiastic, independant, dedicated, well accomplished, goal getter that is talented and has a good future ahead of him-so is going places…and I dont mean his globe trotting adventures. Trevor has a great personality and a crazy sense of humour…always looks after his friends and his circle of friends keeps growing…he organises events and keeps everyone up to date on many things…he is a true Salsa addict. Trevor knows many Salsa moves and just keeps adding more to his reportoire, so he is always taking on challenges and a leader…not a follower. Having known Trevor, his future indeed is very bright…I hope to see him as a Salsa Teacher one day because he has it in him to be one. There was a time Trevor wasnt around Salsa and ALL of his friends missed him-Thankfully he came back to the fold. To be a friend of Trevors indeed you are lucky and his friendship is like gold. One question is when is some Lady going to snap up this young man?….Come on Ladies!!!! Finally Thank you Trevor for encouraging those of us that struggle and just for being you.

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