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As I’m sure you all know, Christmas is coming. In fact if you hadn’t realised this then you must have been living in a small hole for the past 4 weeks! All of the obvious signs are out there… The …

How and Why to Vote (for Susanna Reid) in Strictly Come Dancing Read More »

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Ok, so first the spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen the Strictly results show for this week, and you don’t know who went out (and you care) then you probably shouldn’t read any further… For the rest of you, read …

An Homage to David Myers (Strictly Spoiler Alert!) Read More »

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Strictly Come Dancing takes a lot of stick from salsa dancers… and I have to hold up my hands on this one. I have been as guilty as any of this. I even started a petition to try and improve …

Is Strictly Come Dancing Good for Salsa? Read More »

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