Bagpipes and wheels (a day in the life of a salsa dancer!)….

Well… last weekend was quite something! Saturday was a 21 hour day for me! It started at 7am when I got up to go to the gym (don’t worry, I will get on to the salsa later!) This was partly self inflicted as I completely failed to go to the gym on Friday night. It was the first time in over 10 years that I managed to run for 20 minutes straight as well!

After the gym I was getting ready for my Beginners Salsa Course at the Dance Studio. This is going very well; I am currently 2 weeks in to an 8 week course, and this week I taught the clave, and half turns. It is so nice to see a class full of students picking things up so well and leaving the class with a big smile on their faces!

Next on the agenda was the little matter of an event that was international in scope! The International Rueda de Casino Flash Mob day happened on Saturday. What this meant was that in xxx cities in xxx countries around the world there would be “spontanious” rueda flashmobs, all for the purpose of raising the profile of salsa around the world. Leeds’ offering was organised by the lovely Jane Woolgar from York, and involved people from all corners of Yorkshire! It went down in the new Trinity shopping center, and the photos of that event are here.

And also a video

I would have dearly loved to get some sleep after this event; however there is, as they say, no rest for the wicked! I had a short time to make myself some food (I have given up processed foods for lent, one of the side effects of which, is that food preperation is taking up much more of my time than it used to!).

Then I had a house party to attend! It was fantastic fun and full of friends… Unfortunately I couldn’t stay  too long due to the main event of the day which was the Scottish based international salsa band Salsa Celtica performing at the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds! These guys are awesome. If you were there then you will know! If you weren’t, then go and see them if you get the opportunity! A highlight of the night was a full on salsa bagpipe solo!

This was their opening number…

and this is a selection of photos that I took of the night!

I finally got home in the early hours, and finally dropped off to sleep at 4am! Tired, and satisfied, and full of salsa!

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  1. Thanks Trevor; (STAMINA !!) Amazin’ band, great atmosphere …your pictures say it all! ‘stanza

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