What does Salsa Mean to you?

Last weekend, feeling inspired by the monstrously awesome Calle Ocho Easter Party I decided to share what salsa meant to me on Facebook… It is so much a part of me these days that I can’t imagine my life without it…. Well, it seems like a few more people were inspired by Calle Ocho as well, I couldn’t believe the replies that I got….



I feel like salsa is a part of me now, it is who I am. If I go without it for too long I feel restless. When I’m dancing it there is nothing I’d rather be doing. I can’t help, whenever I walk into someplace new, but to check out the floor and see how good it would be for dancing… It seems strange to me now that there was once a time in my life when I didn’t dance salsa…

To some it is a pastime, to some it is a hobby, to some it is a way of life!

What does salsa mean to you?

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  • Nicolai V – For me…well, it’s been a way of life for many years!..

    Salsa is…

    Unconditional acceptance…
    fab music…mingling and cavorting with all sorts – a real melting pot!…
  • Vishal Salsero Vj – I agree with Nicolai V… Initially it was a pastime for me. But gradually, you realize the joy, the happiness you get out of it, the number of people you meet… You don`t feel alone at all… I have heard so many people saying to me – “Wish i had started salsa a few years ago”
  • Katherine Eaton – It means fun, escape and friendship… And all the things mentioned above. Can’t imagine a life without it.
  • Kirstin Macdonald Beuve – I feel the same. Imagine how you would feel if salsa had been taken away from you. Or at least the social side. For me now, salsa means dancing around my living room, in my car like a nutter or vicariously through JulienTrevorJacqueline and Facebook. To see little eyes light up when a good track comes on and then dance wildly around the room flailing limbs everywhere is fine for me now. (I mean the Babies Beuve, not R Trev) Salsa is inner happiness
  • Mark Johnson – Salsa to me is many things, a mental and physical release from a days hard work in the office, it combines 4 of my favourite things, music, dancing, drinking and people. Its deep and meaningful, sharing a passion, something personal with like minded people. Creating something original and unique in each dance, challenging myself, and enjoying each small achievement, looking for inspiration and attempting to inspire. Its a doorway to meeting new people from all walks of life and all ethnicities who normally i wouldn’t. And most of it all its about searching for that special connection, that incredible four or so minutes when time seems to stop, communication transcends words, the world blurs around you and your partner as the music uses you to paint something glorious. Salsa is my drug, it comes with highs and lows, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Zoe Vassiliou – For me salsa it started as a hobby with an aim to be an excellent dancer. Throughout the years it became a way of life, my weekly routine, a must in my life and most important salsa has given me the chance to meet people where I can call them my friends.
  • Heather Laing – For me, dance is a part of my identity, of who I am. I’ve always danced and spent half of my life fighting against my parents to be allowed to dance. When I listen to music something inside wants to express it physically. I need to dance, it’s not optional to me, never has been. At 3years old I wanted to become a ballerina and would have done anything to be allowed to. I wasn’t allowed to do ballet from then on, which forced me to take any dance opportunities that came my way. I eventually found salsa by mistake whilst at uni. I think salsa found me really, but I took to it. I found that the salsa scene suited me perfectly because it’s such a happy friendly environment, the music makes you feel good and I get energy by dancing (as illogical as it may be), I get to interact with people without sitting around wondering what to say, and unlike ‘normal’ nights out, people don’t tend to go out to get drunk and look for someone to take home for the night, giving a much safer environment where I can relax and enjoy myself. I know that enough salsa people are there for the dancing and the social side that people (even strangers) will look out for me. If I feel down, they’ll cheer me up, if I’m happy they’ll celebrate with me, and if there are any problems they’ll be there for me.
    I also identify with what Mark said about searching for that special moment… that perfect dance that only happens very rarely where the music, your body and your partner are in absolute synchrony and for a few moments everything ceases to exist except that music that is flowing through you… then at the end of the dance you feel dazed as you return to reality. It sounds strange to explain, but I think of dance as an art form, a means of expression and feeling that perfection of the dance is amazing to experience.

So… what does salsa mean to you?

Love or hate? Have your say!