Real Men Dance!

Real Men Dance!
Real Men Dance!

A long long time ago, halfway around the world, I started up a blog called The Real Man Project… Check it out! I haven’t updated it for several years, but occasionally people still read it! It was half a kind of self improvement blog, and half a journal of the things I was thinking about in my life.

I gave lots of advice about how to become a ‘Real Man’. It included following your passions, getting in touch with the real you, having lots of sex (with yourself if necessary!) and looking after yourself.

One thing that I missed out on, as a surefire path to real manhood, is dancing!

It must be true… it is the tagline of the (potential) blockbuster Salsa rom-com coming out this Valentines Day! I am of course refering to Cuban Fury!

Lets look at the evidence… You will notice that all of the points mentioned above in my blog as ways to become a ‘Real Man’ can be achieved through dancing! Following your passions; check! Getting in touch with the real you; check! More sex….. umm… maybe (salsa is a great way to meet people, but it is much less of a swingers party than a lot of people seem to think)! Looking after yourself; check!

Noted ‘Real Men’ dancers include Patrick Swayzee, John Travolta, Jacky Chan and Channing Taytum.

And of course Nick Frost! The star of Cuban Fury can clearly dance if you’ve watched the trailer above. And he has also sported a very fetching mustache, and as everyone knows all great men wear mustaches!

That clip was from Hot Rod, one of my funniest films of all time. Also… both Hot Rod and Cuban Fury star Lovejoy…. otherwise known as Ian McShane. Coincidence? I think not!

Ummm… I can’t remember where I was going with that… Anyway, the point is, Real Men Dance!

If by any chance you are an aspiring Real Man, but you can’t dance yet, there are plenty of people wanting to teach you. Check out this link to Beginers Salsa Classes in Leeds; or I’m running an 8 week salsa course starting on January 25th. If you’re interested in that then follow this link for more information about my Beginners Salsa Course!

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