7 Reasons to do More Salsa Classes


I have to tell you… I had no choice about doing multiple classes! I discovered salsa in January 2008, and within a couple of months I was dancing 3 or 4 times a week! It wasn’t really a decision I made, I just loved it so much that I had to do it more and more! Now… I understand that not everyone is as crazy about salsa as I am, but here are my top 7 reasons that you should be doing more classes!

1. To find the best teachers. All dance teachers have their own fans, and different people respond better to different teaching techniques. Sometimes one teacher will just say one thing that could completely transform your experience of salsa! Try all the teachers, at least once, to see which one clicks with you!

2. To learn different moves. Most teachers have a style, and if you only go to one class you will inevitably end up dancing as a little clone of them. Mix it up and you will learn more and different moves. That way you’ll be able to find what suits you, and develop your own style!

3. To learn faster. If you’re only dancing for one hour a week then there is a definite limit to how good you’re going to get! Many people find themselves a year later, still trundling along in the improvers class… If you do 2 nights a week you’ll get much better; 3 nights… and the improvement will be astronomical!

4. To meet more people. No-one wants to be sitting at the side of a party, waiting to be asked to dance, and sometimes salsa socials can seem unfriendly places, especially to a beginner if you don’t know anyone… But here is the secret! All salsa crowds are friendly once you get to know them! The best way to get to know them… is to do a class with them! That way when you get to the socials you will have a massive pool of potential partners out there!

5. To get your recommended weekly exercise allowance! The NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week… 3 classes and you have hit your target, with some to spare!

6. Because it is better then sitting around and watching TV (with the possible exception of watching Strictly Come Dancing)! According to a recent report, for every hour that you spend sitting down, you lose 20 minutes of life expectancy! Dance more, live longer!

7. Keep your mind active. Research has shown that dancing improves mental plasticity. It can delay the onset of alzheimer’s and dementia…. just like chess, but much more interesting!

So… hopefully I’ve inspired you to visit a few more classes around Leeds. To see your options of salsa classes in Leeds, visit the Leeds Salsa Calendar; or if it is specifically beginners classes that you are after then visit the Beginners Salsa Classes page!

4 Comments on “7 Reasons to do More Salsa Classes

  1. Totally agree with all your points Trevor having experienced the exact same thing myself. My advice to any beginners is to do 2 to 3 classes per week and as much social as you can and your dancing will really improve greatly.

  2. Hi Trevor, Yes I agree and heard recently from some beginners that have got to know that they get nervous doing Peter’s class and at the point that they want to move on, I’m encouraging them and any other beginner that if you’re ready for the next step up, then do so…these beginners like the styles of Teachers Helena and Nicolai also Brendan and want to do those classes too…again request if you want to try beginners improvers and intermediate or kizomba then please try and grow your salsa. For those that know me dont pick up my bad habits of standing around…due to on going health problems the time for salsa has sadly suffered and friendships too. Enjoy your time at salsa be free and make friends and see where things take you….all of the points raised by Trevor are true and recommend that anyone read through them….for the beginners and students that I have brought and introduced to salsa thank you for your time, patience and dedication to what you now love……..Best wishes JT.

  3. Cant argue with any of the above, all good points

    There are other good reasons to try different classes

    1. Different teachers have different teaching styles, its important to find the one that helps you learn best.
    2. The more teachers you experience the more you will be able to spot and appreciate good quality teaching,
    (dont waste your money on classes you dont learn anything in, its a recession ya know!).
    3. Experience a wider set of music, every teacher/night (hopefully) has different music tastes, different music helps to keep things fresh

  4. Totally agree, Trev. Salsa has been a revelation for me since taking Julien and Kirstin’s GroupOn offer in January 2012. You should add “Because it’s just fun” and “It’s good for your soul” to the list.

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