Trisha Lee

Trisha Lee teaches as part of the Strictly Salsa team. This is taken from their web site

“Trish had been missing something and in early 2003, was amazed to find it in a Salsa club, literally just around the corner from home.

With a teenage history steeped Strictly in ballroom and a great deal of her twenties steeped Strictly in London’s night clubs, Trisha Lee took to salsa like a kitten to a bowl of milk. She has a style that is unquestionably her own, blended from ballroom, salsa and endless nightclub forays, and the result is precise yet sensual with uncompromised flair.

Fast yet flowing, stylish yet precise, Trisha has a thorough understanding of follower technique and combines this with clear explanations to make an excellent teacher.

On top of the above Trish can often be heard shouting “I’m a man” when looking for a partner as she can lead with a confidence and clarity few other ladies (and not too many men) can match.”

She has also been a qualified dance fitness instructor for the last two years, bringing fun and boundless energy to her vibrant Zumba classes!

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