Salsa 4 Dancers Leeds 1st Birthday – Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today I unleashed the Salsa 4 Dancers : Leeds web-site, and in that time it has gone from strength! In the past year the site has had 36,825 (and counting) page views, from over 100 countries! The most page views per day was 805, which is pretty damned good! 🙂

To celebrate this one year anniversary I thought I’d do a review of the year, from the web-site’s point of view… which basically means a series of pictures showing how the site is doing!

Firstly, I have created this infographic showing what are the most commonly used search terms that have led people to this site. The bigger, the more common!

Salsa 4 Dancers Leeds Word Cloud
Salsa 4 Dancers Leeds Word Cloud – click for larger version

As you can see, Salsa and Leeds dominate the word cloud…. with a few surprising extras!

I am always curious who comes to visit my site. Obviously the vast majority of the visits (over 90%) are from the UK, but as I said above there are over 100 countries that have visited the site at least once in the last year! They range from the well known (USA, France), to the more esoteric (Suriname, Senegal). The following graphic shows the full list of people that have visited….

Visitors countries
Visitors countries – click for larger version.

The size of the slice indicates how many countries have visited this number of times.

Finally, I thought I’d big up the pages on my site that have had the most visits this year. The top 100 sites (along with number of visits) are : –

Top Pages of All Time
Title Views
Salsa for Dancers Leeds 5,944
Beginners Classes 3,138
Leeds Salsa Calendar 2,438
Home page / Archives 1,753
Ulises Carrillo Montalvo 1,291
Salsa 4 Beginners 1,023
Baracoa Luxe Bar 864
Petition to improve the salsa in Strictly Come Dancing! 758
Nicolai Vigneswaren 663
Beginners go Free February Fortnight! 613
Leeds Salsa Venues 582
Leeds Salsa Teachers 566
My Eight Week Salsa Beginners Course at The Dance Studio Leeds 545
Beginners Salsa Course in Leeds Starting in January 2014! 523
Tanya Cusan-Espinosa 482
Theodore Wolashie Awadzi 417
How and Why to Vote (for Susanna Reid) in Strictly Come Dancing 348
Caroline Hanson 326
Ben Fas 323
Philip Charles 316
About 307
Rasa Pauzaite 303
Om Smith 301
Salsa Agenda for Leeds 292
Kirstin MacDonald Beuve 287
Events by type 286
Leeds Goes Cuban Fury Crazy! 286
Rahul Sharma 273
Haneef Rafiq 270
Bar Room Bar (BRB) 259
Helena Gardner 256
Selena Charles 251
Peter 248
Julien Beuve 237
James Hearle 216
La Boheme 208
Latin Lounge with iSalsa at Revolution de Cuba in Harrogate 200
Tom (Yu-Fei Lin) 198
Dr Salsa 189
Jake Dyson 188
Leeds Salsa Blog 185
Beginners Salsa Class FAQ 177
Dancation Yorkshire 166
Petition to stop evening and weekend Parking charges in Leeds! 164
Salsa Blogs 164
Vicki Sammons 155
Azucar 152
Woodkirk Valley Country Club 145
Revolution de Cuba 142
Catching fire with Cuban Fury – Exclusive Review! 140
Trisha Lee 137
iSalsa 132
7 Bar and Grill 130
Lightcliffe Club 126
Salsa Dance Leeds 118
TJ’s Woodhouse Club 117
Distrikt Bar 114
Andrew (Deej) De-Giorgio 113
Passing of a Dear Friend and Colleague – Armoul Stoute 112
7 Reasons to do More Salsa Classes 107
Baracoa Luxe Bar 105
Tropikal Con Salsa 97
The Truth about Cuban Fury – My honest opinion 96
Real Men Dance! 95
The Wardrobe 93
The Inkwell 93
Spice Quarter 90
Salsa Fusion at Lightcliffe Club (Improver/Intermediate) 89
Bailamos 88
Petition to stop evening and weekend Parking charges in Leeds! 79
Uk Salsa! 69
Salsa Resources 68
The Dance Studio Leeds 66
Salsa Videos 66
TNT – Leeds 65
The Faversham 64
Is Strictly Come Dancing Good for Salsa? 62
An Homage to David Myers (Strictly Spoiler Alert!) 61
Beginners go FREE Finale – Free Beginners Salsa open Studio Session! 58
Snobar, Xscape Castleford 57
Malik House 54
Lightcliffe Club Salsa (Beginners/Beginners plus) 52
Caroline Street Social Club 50
Bagpipes and wheels (a day in the life of a salsa dancer!)…. 48
HiFi Club 47
Azucar 46
How your New Years Resolutions can be solved by dancing salsa! 44
International Salsa 44
Rumba Picante : The Best Latino House Party in Leeds 41
Bar Room Bar (BRB) 40
Mambo Con Rumbo’s Great Big Spanking All Dayer!! 39
Wetherby WMC 39
Victoria Hall 39
Rumba Picante with DJ Luke! 38
Date a girl who dances salsa | Rhapsodies of the Barefooted Gypsy 37
Mambo Con Rumbo: The Next Generation – Launch Night 37
Merry Christmas to the Leeds Salsa Scene 36
Cuban Fury Dance Show goes viral! 33

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