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Year: 2014

It is a while since I’ve written a post, but I have so much news for the 2015 that I thought that this would be the best way to let people know! For a start it is coming up to …

Christmas message, and New Year Salsa Plans! Read More »

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Hi…. My name is Trevor, and I’m a Salsaholic! You have no idea how good it feels to get that off my chest! Although you probably knew that… given that I run a salsa based web site! My story with …

My name is Trev, and I’m a Salsaholic! Read More »

One year ago today I unleashed the Salsa 4 Dancers : Leeds web-site, and in that time it has gone from strength! In the past year the site has had 36,825 (and counting) page views, from over 100 countries! The …

Salsa 4 Dancers Leeds 1st Birthday – Happy Anniversary! Read More »

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Last weekend, feeling inspired by the monstrously awesome Calle Ocho Easter Party I decided to share what salsa meant to me on Facebook… It is so much a part of me these days that I can’t imagine my life without …

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Well… last weekend was quite something! Saturday was a 21 hour day for me! It started at 7am when I got up to go to the gym (don’t worry, I will get on to the salsa later!) This was partly …

Bagpipes and wheels (a day in the life of a salsa dancer!)…. Read More »

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Post by Salsa 4 Dancers: Leeds.

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Ok. So, the hype has died down a bit; the Cuban Fury launch weekend, with it’s many, many, many associated salsa nights has passed; now we have a chance to look back, and with a slightly less biased eye look …

The Truth about Cuban Fury – My honest opinion Read More »

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Learn Salsa for free! Salsa 4 Dancers Leeds, in collaboration with many of the best salsa teachers in Leeds, is proud to present Beginners go Free February Fortnight! To celebrate the launch of Cuban Fury we are working together to …

Beginners go Free February Fortnight! Read More »

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Date a girl who dances salsa | Rhapsodies of the Barefooted Gypsy. “Date a girl who dances salsa. She is feisty, driven, confident. She dances her way through life in a way that she can dodge a bullet in the …

Date a girl who dances salsa | Rhapsodies of the Barefooted Gypsy Read More »

So the premier of Cuban Fury was on last night… Check out the dance show that some of the worlds best salsa dancers put on! It is currently going viral around facebook! #realmendance #cubanfury

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