Tom (Yu-Fei Lin)

TomIn Tom’s own words “In 2005, I was persuaded by a friend to try a salsa lesson. We walked into The Faversham, a small bar just outside the University of Leeds and met The Latin Quarter. Since I’ve not stopped dancing, and was classed as an addict. My first experience of On2 was in 2010 and really started to learn more and fully appreciate the music.

When I met Toan in the early 2012 and decided to join the TNT family. They offered me a ‘red pill’ and really open my eyes to what the salsa world really has to offer. The more I dance salsa, the more it reflected my personality, and has taken a soft and gentle approach to the way I lead. By day, my job as a researcher can be stressful. Salsa for me is a relief and enjoyment to express myself where words cannot.”

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