Dr Salsa

Dr Salsa started Salsa in 1997 with Salsa Sabrosa in Glasgow.  He formed his dance company, Salsa Dura, in 1999, running dozens of classes and club nights every week.  Dr Salsa was also a resident teacher and DJ at the UKs biggest salsa weekends, Pontins, with over 2,000 Salseros!!

He moved to Birmingham in 2006 and worked for LatinMotion.  In 2009 he moved to Leeds and now runs the Scottish Salsa Congress with Sagi Iluz (www.scottishsalsacongress.co.uk) every January in Edinburgh.

Dr Salsa teaches and DJs at many of the UK’s Salsa Weekenders and Congresses (see Upcoming Gigs).

As an LA Salsa fan he is famous for his fast and flashy footwork and complex turn patterns. However, as he’s also a DJ and plays congas, there is a very strong emphasis on musicality in his dancing.

Dr Salsa believes that the essence of dancing is Passion with Control!

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