Rasa Pauzaite

Rasa Pauzaite is part of the iSalsa crew. This is from her profile

“Rasa is an absolutely amazing dancer with a beautiful, elegant style, which inspires and captivates all that behold her. She has become an exceptionally accomplished dancer/performer and was winner of the 2011 freestyle Salsa and Bachata championships in the UK. Rasa has also gained much experience over the last year as a teacher of both Salsa and Bachata – with a great teaching style that seamlessly blends her passion and enthusiasm for dancing with a fun, friendly, student centered, and accessible approach.

Now Rasa partnered up with Phillip Langlais to show everybody what they can do together. Their shows use energy, cool and flair. They love what they do and that’s why it translates in their dance and touches people.”

Though she is mostly based in London these days, she has many strong links to the Leeds scene, and she comes up to visit and teach from time to time.

One comment on “Rasa Pauzaite
  1. John Templeman says:

    I have met Rasa a few times and can highly recommend Rasa -her teaching skills are terrific, she is a great and beautiful woman, fantastic personality and a great sense of humour….Rasa always breaks any steps down to a pace thats good for any beginner or further up in class, she is also kind, patient, understanding and gives great care…Rasa has a fun, bubbly character and is indeed very accomplished-thank you for your friendship Rasa, you are indeed a great friend and teacher.

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