My First Year in Salsa!

I’ve invited a bunch of extra people to guest post on my blog, and the first post is this one from the girl who is affectionately known as Naughty SalsaPungi! She always has a smile on her face, and in this post she explains how salsa has changed her life!

My First Year in Salsa

I started salsa in January 2013 and I absolutely love it, I’ve been asked a number of times what made to choose salsa as a hobby.

I'm the one on the left!

I’m the one on the left!

It was between Christmas 2012 and new year 2013 when I realised my life was spent searching for happiness from a man, they always became my everything and never actually filled the void. So I decided I needed something else…

I’ve always wanted to learn to dance and was never allowed to as a child. I was only ever able to jig (my version if dancing) at parties.

I’m not sure exactly why I chose Salsa, dirty dancing was my most favourite film in the world while I was growing up, so maybe that is why I was drawn to salsa. I was also thinking that I needed to meet more people and what a better way of doing that while I’m having fun..

FUN??!!!! OMG how much fun have I had in the last year! I would hear people say they’d had fun, I never really understood what fun was until I started salsa. I have never had so much fun in my life. I’ve met some absolutely fantastic, beautiful real people, who I cannot get enough of.

My non-salsa people get sick to death of me talking about salsa, or saying 123 567! My nephew of 6 years old once said to me “Aunty aren’t you going to say, come on Jayden let’s dance 123 567” hehehe. I had him dancing with me at my sisters party.

I’m so happy that I found salsa, it is a part if me now and will always been in my life!

I’ve found happiness, inner peace and know my worth and to top it off I’ve got myself a fit bloke!

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